Teleflora's Hooray Bouquet

mylar balloons

mylar balloons

stuffed animals

stuffed animals

box of chocolates

box of chocolates

What a perfect way to say "Great job!" Celebrate the people who keep your office on track with bright flowers in a sparkling glass vase decorated with flowers that bloom forever. You'll be talked about in the break room - in a nice way.

  • Orientation: One-Sided

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  • Due to an increase in the cost of roses, some product prices may be impacted during the Valentine‚Äôs delivery period.

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This charming clear glass vase with its bright contemporary floral design is from Teleflora's acclaimed Flowers-in-a-Gift collection. It will be a favorite container for flowers, pencils and knickknacks all year long.

Standard - $44.99

Deluxe - $54.99

Premium - $67.99